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ISAF Recognized Training

  ISAF Level 3 Technical Course for Coaches - 3rd to 9 March 2014

Course Details

Date: 3rd to 9 March 2014
Closing date for application: 14 February 2014
Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm daily
Venue: National Sailing Centre
Course Fee: SGD267.50 (inclusive of GST)
Course Instructor: ISAF nominated experts (to be announced later)
Who should attend: Practising performance coaches from Singapore as well as those from countries in the Asian Sailing Federation.
The ISAF level 3 Technical Course is a stand-alone course and participants need not have Level 1 and Level 2 to attend.
Contact person: Joe Chan, email:


Course Content

“To teach the basic understanding of the skills involved in Performance Coaching. The Level 3 course candidates will be competent sailors with experience of National / Regional competition, who wish to pass on their skills, knowledge and passion for sailing to emerging talented sailors in their nation. This course covers the skills required to deliver effective coaching sessions both ashore and afloat and includes the information required to turn existing racers into competent Performance Coaches.”


Basic Coaching
reddot Basic session structure
reddot Breaking down the skills
reddot Deciding on goals/aims
reddot How to deliver information effectively
reddot Briefing

  • Length
  • Content
  • Delivery style
  • Use of questioning
reddot On the water
  • Sailing area
  • Safety and signals
  • Exercises (length of session)
  • Observation & Coaching afloat
  • Coach / Power boat handling skills

reddot Debrief

  • Where & when?
  • What to cover
  • Re-visit aims / objectives
  • Use of questions
  • Summary

Coach / Power boat Handling
reddot Basic skills / manoeuvres

  • Crew positions
  • Gear/throttle control
  • Awareness
  • Slow speed manoeuvring

reddot Safety
reddot Kill cord and its use (mandatory)
reddot Coaching positioning
reddot Coming alongside boats
reddot Use of Coach / Power boat as a coaching tool

Coaching Boat Speed and Boat Handling
reddot On the water exercises

  • How to select the correct exercise
  • Basic Skills Model
  • Preparation, Knowledge & Technique, Decision Making
  • Equipment required
  • KISS
  • Positioning of powerboat
  • Video coaching techniques

Learning Styles
reddot How to coach tactics and rules
reddot Relationship between tactics / rules
reddot Delivering the ‘coaching’

  • Theory
  • Practical ashore
  • Practical afloat

reddot How to brief and de-brief the session
reddot Coaching Exercises to use ashore and afloat

Land Drills (simulators)
reddot When to use them
reddot Making them effective
reddot What they can be used for
reddot Dinghy park demonstrations – rules/tactics
reddot Muscle memory/improving skills
reddot Games with learning outcomes

Video Skills
reddot When and where?
reddot Focus (aims of the session)
reddot Sound on/off
reddot Positioning of Coach / Power boat
reddot Who uses the camera?
reddot Video or pictures?

reddot Mental toughness
reddot Overcoming failure
reddot Focus and concentration
reddot Controlling the controllable
reddot Pre-race systems

reddot Diet
reddot Hydration
reddot Stretches
reddot On the water food and drink
reddot General fitness

Managing a Team
reddot Regatta aims
reddot Sailing Instructions (SIs)
reddot Process goals
reddot Managing individual sailors

Suggested 7 day Course Plan:-





Introduction to course
Basic Coaching Skills
Powerboat driving

Session demonstration by Trainer
Practice delivering sessions and safe powerboat driving.
Daily debrief


Learning styles
Land drills

Run sessions in groups using land drills.
Daily debrief


Choosing the correct “on the water” exercises.
Skills Model

Run sessions in groups.
Daily debrief


Coaching the rules and tactics.

Run sessions in groups.
Daily debrief.



Mini regatta in teams; briefed and
debriefed by coaches.


Additional topics (Coach Developer)

Additional topics (Coach Developer)


Additional topics (Mentoring Coaches)

Course debriefs.
Personal Action Plans.